Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Here you have the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature around Fårup Sommerland on horseback.

Trekking is for the little ones who want a ride on horseback, but may not be quite big enough to do it themselves yet. Practiced beginners are for you who can ride yourself and have tried it before, we take a leisurely ride around the beautiful nature and ride at a pace where everyone on the ride can join in.

When you arrive at Fårup Sommerland's main entrance/ticket offices, drive to the left, into the white farm, called Brogården, where you can park. Here is the stable, where you will be met by a Fårup employee. The employee also goes on the horse ride with you.

Should it be fully booked on the day you want to go riding, you are welcome to give Else a call, and she will try to see what she can do. Else can be reached on: +45 20 73 01 91.

Read more about the individual types under the categories.

  • Øvet nybegynder

    You first help prepare the horses for the trip, and then we take a beautiful ride around nature. It is important that you have ridden before and can control the horse yourself.

    350.00 DKK
  • Trækture

    You will come to the stable and help groom and saddle the horse. The trek takes place around Fårup's forest.

    95.00 DKK